Payzah is founded to ease usual personal payment requests that occur on a daily, weekly, monthly
or yearly basis, as well as keeping you on track of your subscriptions’ details and offer
you the latest and best available promotions.

Pay your bills, subscribe to new services and renew your subscriptions
all in one single application.


Home Page

One Place for All Vendors

In Payzah App, we offer you many categories with a wide range of suppliers in each one of them, where you can find out the latest plans and promotions for you to subscribe in.

  • Telecom

  • Insurance

  • Dietaries

  • Education

  • Internet Providers

  • Health and Beauty

  • Journals

  • Sports Activities

  • Cards

  • Entertainment

  • Government Services

  • NPO-Coop

Payments Page

Due Payments Paid with A Click

Let Payzah automatically remind you when any payment is due, or about to be due and sometimes you will be able to upgrade or downgrade your subscription with one click.

It works like magic.

Subscriptions Page

Manage Your Subscriptions

When you subscribe to any service through Payzah app, you will be able to track the start and end dates of your subscriptions and the paid amount.

Promotion Page

Best and Exclusive Promotions

We update our promotions regularly with special and exclusive deals that are sometimes only available on Payzah application.

Spendings Page

Track Your Spendings

Get to know the details of you past and current payments and information an all beneficiaries.


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  • Travel Insurance

  • Car Insurance

  • House Insurance

  • Boat Insurance

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Protecting What’s Most Important

Your data is highly important to us very, and we take it seriously. Payzah uses SSL (Security Socket Layer) that is a 256 encryption, and with the highest grade of encryption to protect all communications and data transmitted online.

Our Partners

We have the pleasure of working with amazing clients. Our partners are the life source of our business and the force behind our innovation.

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